Author: Aaron Sereda

An open letter to parents: Don’t fuck up!

People getting older without growing up is nothing new. I’d just like to say that Generation X (whatever that means) is a little more honest about it than previous generations. We may feel anxiety about surfing the couch deep into our thirties, but at least we don’t fake it by getting married and having kids and owning big things despite having made no emotional progress since puberty. For example, people often speculate about someone’s sexual orientation (or, rather, dis-orientation) as the root of his or her difficulty in maintaining a healthy relationship. That may be the case, but when...

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Celine is Okay

I know there’s not much to say about it. Many before me have duly noted the quasi-tragi-comedy of the plight of the enlightened suburbanite; well, one chooses one’s own poison, as they say. There is really no point in discussing the neighbor’s choices, for when the eye is turned inward, there is much to note there, as well. But looking out my opened second-floor bathroom window and seeing ‘Hallowe’en lights’ (whatever that means, and whatever purpose they may serve) on the neighbor’s roof in the third week of September, and hearing the hunt-and-peck piano approximation of the theme from...

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Observations, Humorous

You’re a grown-up now, because your e-mail address doesn’t require an explanation, isn’t an inside joke, and won’t make your mother blush. Other indications include the fact that your emotional baggage which was once small enough to fit in the overhead bin is now a Samsonite matched 3-piece set, you regularly lose things in your abdominal folds when you are seated, and you’ve stopped asking “Did I ever tell you about [blank]?” because you don’t care, and you’re going to tell the story again anyway because you like to hear it. What else, let’s see… you ask your kids...

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