Observations, Humorous

You’re a grown-up now, because your e-mail address doesn’t require an explanation, isn’t an inside joke, and won’t make your mother blush. Other indications include the fact that your emotional baggage which was once small enough to fit in the overhead bin is now a Samsonite matched 3-piece set, you regularly lose things in your abdominal folds when you are seated, and you’ve stopped asking “Did I ever tell you about [blank]?” because you don’t care, and you’re going to tell the story again anyway because you like to hear it. What else, let’s see… you ask your kids to program the clock on the VCR and they ask what a VCR is, you think the only thing funny about ‘Sienfeld’ was Kramer and you laugh whenever he’s on-screen no matter what he’s doing, you’ve got at least three ongoing and unresolvable disputes with the neighbors, you enjoy watching baseball but hate to play it, you enjoy playing cards but not with anyone younger than 40, and you purposely buy broken things at yard sales so you’ll have something to do in the garage besides get drunk on Coors Light and fall asleep underneath the lawn-mower while changing the oil for the third time that month.

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