Author: Erik Froese

In Memoriam: My Ultimate Career, aged 12, dies.

My Ultimate Career died Sunday afternoon from a fatal combination of sarcasm, attention deficit and heat stroke. It was twelve years old. My Career often longed for the days of its youth which contained naked Congo lines and hot tub fights, hallucinogens on the dance floor and “that time Damien and Woody drove the car around the velodrome.” The bastard child of underage drinking and varsity sports, my Ultimate Career was born in 1997 and led a vigorous life characterized by alternating periods of love and disdain for its own existence. In its first year, My Career won a...

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So you’re a renter in Calgary. Take a couple deep breaths my friend, you’re going to be okay. I know, I know… with the city’s extremely vigorous housing market the way it is, every year our home owning pals gain thousands of dollars on their investment, while the cost of a new dwelling becomes harder for the aspiring property buyer to fathom. Not just that, but because fewer renters can afford to purchase these days and because Calgary is just so darn attractive to migrants, vacancy rates are expected to drop significantly over the next year, giving tenants less...

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