Around the ferryboat the cloud wall swirls
Pulling us through into a different world
We left our car on the near side
We left the condos, we left the r.v.’s
We left the franchise fry pits
We just don’t want it,
And while we have no idea what might be waiting on the shore
For us, on the far side
We choose it over what we know we’re leaving behind.

Around the sea kayaks the cloud wall churns
With stillness and with silence my heart burns
For you, from deep inside
Those living islands, floating in the mist
The Sitka old growth, the cedar totems
Your smiling face that I have kissed
A thousand times
And the white bear in the forest is as sure a sign
As any I have seen before
That your face will ring with thousands of my kisses more.

Down past the high ridge line the cloud wall sweeps
Pushing us ascending up above the steeps
The bright blue sky, framing the peaks
With the hanging glacier, in the lake’s reflection
By the golden meadow where the Grizzly sleeps
High in the sky
And while this pristine alpine valley is a paradise
It’s far too dear,
We can visit to replenish but we can’t live here.

Over the neighborhood the cloud wall drifts
Then it opens up, the sun shines in, perception shifts
We left our car parked on the street
We walked the sidewalks, we rode the transit
We gathered where our neighbors meet
To take our vows
And what seemed so unsettled seems stable now
And plain to see
And this song haunts my mind like a prophesy.

Around the old school bus the cloud wall swirls
As I drive across the bridge into a different world
I wrote this song for you while I drove that bus
And I dreamt about a future that was made for us
I dreamt about a future I can almost touch
I dreamt about the future that we made for us.

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