What a crazy clash of color
Is there fire in your eyes?
Orange flashes and it crashes
As around your face it flies

Orange leaping all around you
Setting fire to the leaves
From the gaps between the buildings
And playing off the trunks of trees

Through the lilting of your senses
Cacophony of motion
Orange warfare all around you
A fury of emotion

Orange sweating Orange swearing
You suck in the Orange dust
You track the Orange ball
With your Orange battle lust

And what came before the Orange
And how long will Orange last?
Trapped within this Orange instance
Your mind’s not equipped to ask

Just pass the Orange ball
And Smash the Orange ball
And Serve the Orange ball up
To the left and long
And revel in the thunder of Orange song!

And twenty minutes later, through inky blue you trudge
On a path lit by mercury to the City’s edge
And the deep blue quiets you and nothing’s quite amiss
Yet you marvel at how weird the world you live in is.

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