Brian Declared Linguistic Pioneer

I am flattered that you want to read more of my Akira Kurosawa article. It was written in about 30 minutes so please be tolerant of syntax and grammar mistakes.

In regard to your query, I’m not sure what affordable housing has to do with my linguistic genius but perhaps Calgary’s housing issues can’t be solved by dead Japanese directors or a barely literate firefighter. If only we Albertans had a huge natural endowment of some sought after resource that could fund social programs…perhaps your peers in the world of oil and gas know someone, or some industry that has a dollar to spare for people in need. But those folks probably don’t have any time to help with all their hard work–after all you don’t just find oil they have to make it themselves–and for only pennies on the barrel! God knows, with a record year for Ferrari and Porsche sales in Calgary those oil folks are giving (a la trickle down economics) as much as they can.

Back to me. As you now know my work has been sourced in an Academic paper for its linguistic importance–please don’t make too big a deal about it, I’m terribly modest and I don’t want your other children to be (more) jealous of me. Although I am as excited as you are over the Social Metonymy craze that has spread across the nation like wildfire, I urge restraint and moderation over my newly coined phrase. I believe it will surpass “where’s the beef” and “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” in social piquancy very soon. I’m in the process of registering the phrase but I’m losing millions in the meantime.

I don’t want to let the cat out of the bag but perhaps a meta-metalepsis, para-denominatio, proto-par pro toto is to follow. Right now I am simply basking in the glory that academic recognition brings and reclining on my millions made writing for film magazines and fighting fires.



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