A Modest Proposal…

… For preventing the female children of Catholics in Alberta from escaping the mortal dangers of cancer as related to HPV as related to premarital sex

I for one applaud the Bishop Henry in having the foresight to realize that inoculating female children against HPV and the potential resultant cervical cancer is an invitation to immorality. In fact I think the Bishop should apply his solid logic one step further and demand a program of mandatory HPV infection for the girls. After all what better safeguard against premarital sex is there than having warts, pain, and the stigma of an STD? The fact that many of these girls will develop cervical cancer (as some undoubtedly will with the current situation) will further hamper the premarital sex designs of those depressed, dying, girls–many of whom would have had sinned given the chance. It is about time we had a forward thinking Bishop who can definitively and pre-emptively separate the sheep from the goats with the God given tool of cancer.

Faithfully yours,

Brian McAsey

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